Wedding photography

Beautiful, honest and unforced photographs

Would you rather not be the centre of attention? Do you find it difficult to relax in front of the camera and does it make you feel uncomfortable? Would you like to have beautiful memories of your special day, but are reluctant to have a wedding reportage made? Are you afraid that the photographer will take control of the day or will be too prominently present during the event? When you book me as your wedding photographer, you will not worry about anything.

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Wedding album

A professional wedding album

Almost all of my shoots include a wedding album. After all, a photograph isn’t a photograph until it’s printed. All of the albums have a unique design. There are no two alike. You have a say in the layout of the album, which won’t be printed until you’re completely satisfied.

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“We were looking for a photographer who creates beautiful pictures. No surprise there – that’s what everybody wants! But we also wanted a photographer who was pleasant and friendly, someone who would blend in and goes unnoticed, unless necessary. We found that person! Our wedding day was unforgettable, and Peter documented this beautifully.”

Marco & Jantina – Ameland

Detail van de serre bij Kasteel Engelenburg in Brummen

“For the photography at our wedding day, we were looking for someone with an eye for the small things that we ourselves wouldn’t be able to see, and perhaps even someone who would spend more attention on our guests than on us. Peter possesses the keen eye we were looking for. His photographic reportage was beautiful, surprising and instantly reminiscent of the amazing atmosphere at our wedding day.”

Lotte & Mees – Amsterdam

“Peter is an incredibly competent and friendly photographer. We were never worried about the result of Peter’s report. Peter has a sharp eye for detail and documents things in such a way that you can feel the atmosphere of the day itself. We now have a complete picture report of our day, kept in a beautiful album that we store in our cabinet. We regularly get it out to relive our special day.”

Jasper & Gea – Hengelo

“Peters is more than just an amazing wedding photographer: he is familiar with all the excellent wedding locations, knows where to get the best wedding cake, selects high-quality photo albums and understands what to take pictures of and at what time. He has more than ten years of experience and spends part of his time teaching other photographers on how to properly document a wedding. Last but not least, Peter is always smartly dressed in a suit.”

Miranda Apeldoorn – Deventer

Bruidspaar in de Bergkerk Deventer

“Peter documented everything that happened at our wedding day over a 15-hour period, and all this while we were hardly even aware that he was there. As a result, we not only have a large number of beautiful pictures, but also a detailed report of our most special day! With this report, we will be able re-experience the entire day. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience with an incredibly beautiful, professional outcome!”

Judith & Ronnie – Deventer

Mooie amuse tijdens een bruidsdiner bij Kasteel Engelenburg

“Peter fantastically captured our wedding day. We are exceptionally satisfied and pleased with the result. We also found it very pleasant that Peter is a naturally calm person. This meant that the photo shoots were conducted in a very relaxed way. We wholeheartedly recommend Peter to any other couples getting married.”

Manon & Herwin – Aadorp