Pieter and Ellens wedding at Buitenplaats Sparrendaal

Pieter and Ellen recently got married at Buitenplaats Sparrendaal in Driebergen-Rijssenburg. After the ‘first look’ we took some pictures inside, while waiting for the rain to stop. I intentionally used the special interior with the beautiful paintings in the pictures. When it stopped raining, we took some photos outside before the guests arrived. After the civil marriage ceremony there was a moment of reflection. Luizter took care of the musical accompaniment. I ended the photoshoot with a beautiful night photo of Buitenplaats Sparrendaal.

In this blogpost I would like to share some of my favourite pictures of this day.

Are you also getting married (at this location)? And are you still looking for a wedding photographer? Send me a message to see if I’m available on your wedding day.

Peter Lammers is a fulltime and professional wedding photographer who shoots dozens of weddings every year. He also gives (wedding) photography courses and workshops and organises events for entrepreneurs in the wedding industry. Peter lives together with his wife Corine and their three kids (Maite, Julie and Vieve) in the beautiful city Deventer.

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Geplaatst op 29 April 2021